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What is fittingpup?

Assisted monitoring
We collect movement data of the pet, from IoT oriented devices. Mobile phones, pedometers, smartwatches: fittingpup adapts to the most used platforms in the market.
Quality information
Algorithms developed by veterinary and computer professionals process the information collected taking into account individualized parameters of the animal.
Nutrition recommendations
Our team of veterinary nutritionists offers tailor-made solutions for each animal and case, always combined with objective data.
A modern service for the clinic
In addition to personalized follow-up, you offer your patients an innovative, reliable and modern service. An ideal tool for predictive diagnosis based on Big Data.
Supported by professionals
We have a highly experienced staff in training and nutrition. At your disposal, 24/7.
Always updated
100% in the cloud, Software as Service (SAS) will ensure you are always up-to-date, secure and backed up.
What can we do for you?

For veterinarians

Professional service

Veterinary oriented: Imagine a control panel with objective data for all your patients. Alerts about behavior changes, distance traveled day by day, calories, sleep control, abnormal movements or patterns ... an accurate, useful and attractive tool for your clinic and your patients.

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Control panel

Real-time graphs of your patient data.

Alert System

Set up monitoring thresholds so you do not miss any data.

Nutrition recommendations

We have professionals of the animal nutrition, in the measure of your patients.

Advanced Statistics

Big data analysis of objective and relevant indexes.

How do we do it?

Fittingpup is multiplatform


We do not depend on hardware. Based on the cloud, with a powerful system of information analysis and visualization (Big data). From a native and native development application, we use SDK and plugins to integrate with bracelets, pedometers, smartwatches and any IoT device that can monitor the animal.


An algorithm developed by our team processes the information of the different devices, combines it with the individual and clinical characteristics of the animal, compares with data of similar characteristics and makes a prediction or progression of the patient's situation based on historical values. The results are presented with an objective and clear summary.


The veterinarian will have a better knowledge of the clinical situation of his patients due to the dynamic updating of the data and to the automatic and real time detection of alterations in clinical cases. The aim is for the veterinarian to have an active prevention tool and to detect decompensations in patients at an early stage.

Big data
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